The best Facebook groups to grow your business online in 2019

A compilation of my favourite and most useful Facebook groups for Marketing, Copywriting, Startups, Product, Sales and more.

Photo by Con Karampelas on Unsplash

Table of Contents

I have organised the post in a bunch categories to make it clearer and easier to digest:


🥇 Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets (30k+ members)


🥇B2B Marketers & Founders (2000+ members)

Big bois (General)

🥇Badass Marketers & Founders (BAMF) (25k members)


🥇School of Bots: Bot Building, Marketing, and Sales (5900+ members)


🥇 Charm Offensive (10k+ members)

Email outreach

🥇The Email Outreach Family (1900+ members)

Growth Hacking

🥇SaaS Growth Hacks (12k+ members)


🥇 Medium Mastery (770+ Members)

Product launches

🥇Product Hunt upvote exchange (700+ members)


🥇SaaS Products & Marketing (4600+ members)

Social Media

🥇Social Media Managers (31k members)


🥇UI & UX Design (24k members)

Jack of all trades, master of some. Vancouver-based, I write about tech, business, MMA and education. Mostly in English, but sometimes in French too.

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